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It was partly cloudy here today.

I got to see a lot of the partial eclipse. A few minutes before totality, a big cloud moved in front of the sun, so I didn't get to watch that most special part. But I did get to experience the sky darkening (not nearly as dark as in the middle of the night; more like shortly after sunset), and the temperature dropping, and the wind whipping up, and a few cicadas starting to buzz, and part of the horizon looking pink.

It was very similar to big thunderstorm building up. That's what the dogs seemed to think, anyway, as they rushed for the porch and pawed at the front door to be let inside. I let them in and then us humans remained outside to watch.

One curious thing is that the partial eclipse started with the moon entering the upper right portion of the sun, and ended with the moon leaving the upper left portion of the sun (when viewed from a general southwards direction for both). That's not what I had expected.

Many people here in town did get to see the totality; it just depended on where one was, and where the clouds were.

My neighbor was visiting a relative at the hospital this afternoon, and she told me that a lot of the hospital staff went outside to view the eclipse (but staff who were needed inside stayed in). She said that the Emergency Room remained open, but the normal operating rooms were closed for that time period. That answers one of the things I had wondered about.

Click to enlarge...

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Also, now I have an incredible desire to watch the Clone Wars cartoon so I will have to save up for the DVDs. Maybe Christmas? XD
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Oh, swell. Zenfolio is now having problems. I guess I should stay off the internet for a while.
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Solar Eclipse Watching
Solar Eclipse Watching
Cooper Mountain Nature Park • Beaverton, Oregon
August 21, 2017

I’ve been wont to mutter recently, “Who the heck scheduled a solar eclipse on my day off??” Because of my limited amount of paid leave, I plot my days off for an entire calendar year in advance. When in December I scheduled my August 2017 Mental Health Monday, I had no inkling that a solar eclipse fell on that day.

In the months ahead of the eclipse I read the hype – and mainly tried to figure out how to keep a low profile and not get stuck in traffic or some other timewaster. I was not planning to watch the eclipse at all. I’ve seen one solar and one lunar eclipse, and I wasn’t excited about another. When I told Debbie of my plan to avoid the eclipse, she was shocked. “I’m picking up eclipse glasses from the Audobon Society today. I’ll bring back a pair for you!”

“Don’t bother,” I said, “I won’t use them.” She tried a couple more times to convince me to participate. I was adamant in my refusal.

To my surprise, though, on Friday I had a thought… maybe I could do some photography of happenings around the eclipse… and I thought of what could be a perfect location: Cooper Mountain Nature Park at the top of Cooper Mountain.

Beaverton is about 200 feet above sea level. My house on a hill is about 330 feet above sea level. The park near the top of Cooper Mountain is about 750 feet above sea level and has a nice, wide view of the Tualatin Valley and the Chehalem Mountains. And… Cooper Mountain is only three miles away – less than 10 minutes – from my home. I can get there without crossing a single major street.

My main concern was parking – if the park was full early, I’ll take that as a sign that photos were not meant to be. Monday morning I packed up my cameras and left the house shortly before 8 am, arriving at the park at about 8:05 am. The small parking lot was not quite full – there were still a half dozen or so open spaces in the main lot. The overflow lot was largely empty. Excellent.

Besides the cameras, I brought Kanna (my iPad) and Nano-chan (my MacBook Air) so that I could do some work while waiting for the eclipse. I had hoped to get one of the picnic tables under cover of the Cooper Mountain Nature House, but all the tables had already been claimed. I was a bit surprised that the full edge of the patio was lined with folding chairs. It didn’t even occur to me to bring a chair. No matter. I found a really good spot between the playground and the patio. I sat and did some writing on my laptop. Eventually I put everything away so that I could concentrate on photos.

Because my bags and computer were holding my place, I didn’t want to wander too far from them. I trusted that no one was going to grab them and run off, but I did want to keep them in sight and shouting distance. That limited my roaming to an extent – not a handicap, though. People kept coming. The overflow parking lot filled up, and people parked on both shoulders of Kemmer Road for quite a ways. People were still wandering in at 15 minutes before totality. Crazy. Fortunately, there were open lanes for maneuvering. I tried to make sure I didn’t block anyone’s camera as I was flitting about.

I chatted with some of the other photographers and videographers. The video was a historical documentary. One photographer was photographing for THPRD to show how popular their facilities are. (I do love THPRD.) At one point I ended up in a cluster of four Nikon DSLR photographers, which was cool. I didn’t expect Nikons to outnumber Canons. I talked with only one Canon photographer.

I brought both Nikon D810s. One was fitted with the AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E for more intimate photos. The other D810 had the AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G lens for wide views. The two-camera setup worked well, and I was able to switch quickly between the two.

The photo exercise was a bonus event. I didn’t have any expectations, and if I came away with even one decent photo, the outing would be successful. I wasn’t photographing so much that I missed the experience of the totality (well… here… totality minus some fraction of a percent…). One reason I chose Cooper Mountain was so I could see the orange sunset band around the entire horizon – and that indeed was pretty cool.

After totality, the sky brightened seemingly rapidly, and I didn’t stick around to take more pictures. I wanted to beat the traffic jam – and I accomplished that. On the drive back home I saw quite a few other groups who had watched the eclipse – including one large group in the middle of a field at a grade school not far from my house. I’m glad I didn’t choose that field – you couldn’t see any horizon from there.

Of the 250 photos I took, I chose about 50 to post to Zenfolio as Solar Eclipse 2017. One of the complications in processing the photos is that the camera autoexposed for all lighting conditions – making all pictures look like a sunny day. (That’s what happens when you have a camera that can see in the dark.) I had to counteradjust exposure to reflect the actual look in the minutes before, during, and after totality.

One thing… I neglected to sync the clocks on the D810s. The cameras run fast. D810/302 was 6m 29s fast, and D810/306 was 2m 37s fast. Fortunately, Lightroom has a function for editing Capture Date/Time, and the function can do those offset adjustments down to the second. Whew!
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For S.B.
Prompt: hexarchate, "calendrical sword."

Ajewen Cheris and her girlfriend Linnis Orua paused outside the shop. A banner of ink painted onto silk fluttered in the flirtatious artificial breeze. Orua had grown up on a station with less naturalistic ideas of aesthetics, and found this dome-city with its aleatory weather nerve-wracking. She still spooked whenever there was a wind, which entertained Cheris because Orua also had long, luxurious waves of hair that rippled beautifully. "We were always told to be aware of strange air currents as a possible sign of carapace breach!" Orua had protested when Cheris teased her about it.

"Blades for All Occasions," Cheris read. She had been saving for this moment throughout the first two years of academy, and practicing for it besides. Orua didn't understand her fondness for the sport of dueling, but she had agreed to come along for moral support.

"Well, no sense in lingering outside," Orua said. She grinned at Cheris and walked forward. The door swooshed open for her.

Cheris followed her in. A tame (?) falcon on a perch twisted its head sideways to peer at her as she entered. The falcon was either genetically engineered or dyed or even painted, although she wasn't sure how she felt about any of those alternatives: its primary feathers shaded from black to blood red, with striking metallic gold bands toward the tips. It looked gaudy as hell and quintessentially Kel.

Orua was busy suppressing a giggle at the falcon's aesthetics. Cheris poked her in the side to get her to stop and looked around the displays, wide-eyed. Her eyes stung suspiciously at the sight of all those weapons, everything from tactical knives to ornamented daggers with rough-hewn gems in their pommels and pragmatic machetes.

But best of all were the calendrical swords. Deactivated, they looked deceptively harmless, bladeless hilts of metal in varying colors and finishes. Cheris's gaze was drawn inexorably to one made of voidmetal chased in gold, with an unusual basket hilt. It was showy, extremely Kel, and an invitation to trouble. Only a cadet who had an exemplary record and was an excellent duelist would dare carry such a calendrical sword. And besides, the lack of a price tag told her there was no way she could afford it even if she could, in honor, lay claim to such a thing.

Cheris sighed, then looked up into her girlfriend's eyes. "I wish," she said, her voice soft.

"Let me help you pick," Orua said, ignoring the sales assistant who was watching them imperturbably with his arms folded behind his back.

Cheris blinked. "I thought you didn't know anything about dueling?" she teased. Orua paid more attention to the special effects and makeup on dueling shows than the actual dueling.

"I don't know anything about dueling," Orua said, as the sales assistant radiated disapproval. "But I know a lot about you." Her eyes turned sly, and Cheris hoped that Orua wouldn't get too specific here of all places. She grabbed Cheris's hand and tugged her along to a completely different display. "Look!"

At first Cheris wasn't impressed by the calligraphy-stroke plainness of the calendrical swords on display. Then she saw that that the metal evinced a faint iridescence, like that of a raven's feather. She particularly liked the one whose textured design incorporated the first digits of the base of the natural logarithm.

Orua stooped to whisper right in Cheris's ear, "Tonight I'm going to see how many digits of that number you can recite before I get you to--"

"I'll buy this one," Cheris interrupted, very loudly, and pointed.

Unseen, the sales assistant and Orua exchanged winks.
After having dinner at B Too with [personal profile] fabrisse on Friday (Restaurant Week meant I got to have beet salad, venison with eggplant, and a 'donut' waffle) and going to Rus-Uz (Chicken Kiev and Kiev cake, and Mors to drink) with [personal profile] greenygal yesterday after helping her assemble a bookcase, I met up with [profile] ellen_frememdon and the Vegan Knitter for dinner at Pete's Pizza, as they have half-priced pies on Mondays as long as you eat in and order something other than the smallest ones.

So I finally got to try the pineapple pizza, Q Bridge, which was excellent and had way more argula on top than I was expecting. But since argula is one of the few green I actually like (not bitter, like most Brassicaceae, and not leaf-flavored, like most lettuce), that was all right.

Also, I got to use a pinhole project at work today to see the eclipse -- 80% partial in my area, since we weren't in the path of totality. But still, very neat.
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Random thoughts about The Defenders (whole series, positive and negative):

You know, after all these years, I still start to use the LJ code )
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The plan was for me to arrive on site when the show opened at 11:00 am on Sunday. We’d round up the framebuilders and have a short photo shoot.

I arrived at Cathedral Park Place at 10:40 am – intentionally a little early. I wanted to first take a few quick photos in the area.

First… Moonstruck Chocolate… which is right across the street from Cathedral Park Place…

Moonstruck Chocolate Company
Moonstruck Chocolate Company • Portland, Oregon

Second… the St. Johns Bridge from Cathedral Park. For as many times as I’ve been across the St. Johns Bridge, amazingly I’d never been in Cathedral Park. The park is a quick walk from Cathedral Park Place (if you couldn’t tell from the name), so I thought I’d just pop over and grab a few shots. I didn’t pack a super wide lens – just the AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G. I could barely fit the bridge in from the park.

St. Johns Bridge from Cathedral Park
St. Johns Bridge from Cathedral Park

I made it back to the bicycle show in plenty of time. While Dave Levy rounded up the framebuilders, I figured out where in the gallery we could take pictures. Although I dislike shooting in front of a wall, that seemed to be the best option.

I took a group photo… then individual photos – a product photo and a headshot photo for each framebuilder. The entire process took 40 minutes – from 11:20 am to 12:00 noon (although there was about 10 minutes of dead space near the end). For the gallery photos I had brought the AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G, which is a good lens for posed studio portraits, especially when a wider angle is needed for products such as bicycles and for large group photos.

OHBS 2017 Participants
OHBS 2017 Participants

Christopher Igleheart
Christopher Igleheart • Igleheart Customs

Sim Works
Sim Works (Japan)

Dwan Shepard
Dwan Shepard • Co-Motion Cycles

Chad Smeltzer
Chad Smeltzer • Smeltzer Bikes

I packed up and did a 15-minute sweep of the venue using the 24-70mm lens to capture wide views. I was finished by 12:20 pm and on my way back to Beaverton.

2017 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show
2017 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show • Cathedral Park Place

Now all I had to do was to do post-procesing on the 860 photos I took for the show. It actually took quite a while – starting on Sunday the 13th and ending on Sunday the 20th. I selected about 150 photos that I posted to the OHBS 2017 Photo Gallery at Zenfolio.
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Circa Cycles
Circa Cycles
2017 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show
Cathedral Park Place • Portland, Oregon
Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday I left the house at 12:30 pm and again took the backroads through the West Hills and into St. Johns. The weather forecast was for the high 70s °F (finally!) and the cyclists were out in force on Skyline Road. In spite of that the drive was relaxing, and my Parking Fairy opened a spot for me right across the street from Cathedral Park Place – making a short walk to the show.

I had only two goals for the day: 1) take my usual bicycle art photos and 2) do the informal framebuilder photos requested by Andy. Normally I spend a few hours at the show anyway. Because I had seen the layout of the floor the night before, I had a head start on my route.

It was 1:30 pm when I started at the SE corner of the venue at the first booth – Jeffrey Bock from Iowa. Jeffrey and I chatted for quite a while – so much so that I was immediately concerned with how long it was going to take me to get through the show. But I did have the entire afternoon available, and I always enjoy chatting with the framebuilders.

My macro photos this year would have a slightly different feel. I had reviewed six years of images when I
Selected Photos for Mounting. There were some views I did in early years that I hadn’t been doing more recently. And in 2015 and 2016, I used a 105mm Micro Nikkor to go with my new full-frame DSLR. This year I decided to go with the 60mm Micro Nikkor. Besides the wider angle, I could shoot with slower shutter speed (even though the 105mm has VR). This was a nice changeup. When all was said and done, I came away with macro photos that I liked very much.

Jeffrey Bock Custom Cycles
Jeffrey Bock Custom Cycles

REN Cycles
REN Cycles

REN Cycles
REN Cycles

Radian Cycles
Radian Cycles

It was 3:30 pm when I finished my art photo pass. I then switched over to my AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E lens to do some people photography. I chased that until 4:45 pm.

Brazing Demonstration by Dave Levy
Brazing Demonstration by Dave Levy

Andy Newlands of Strawberry Bicycles
Andy Newlands of Strawberry Bicycles

Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles
Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles

Then I was free to do the framebuilder photos. I checked in with Andy, and he suggested we do the photos on Sunday morning. I was fine with that. I hadn’t actually planned to come back for Sunday, but I was committed to doing the framebuilder photos, and I didn’t mind the extra visit.

I swapped lenses again, returning to the AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G. This gave me a normal view so I could take wider photos of multiple booths – as well a followup with a few more macro shots. From 5 pm to 6:30 pm I continued roaming the show, taking photos here and there… and chatting with various folks. A total of five hours was an OHBS record for me.
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So. Totally. Annoying. Sunday afternoon and evening… and Monday afternoon (and evening, so far), my internet connection has been down at home. And I wanted to get a lot done today (Monday) on my day off. Yesterday I used only my iPad, but today I have to connect Belldandy to the web, so I’m running a personal hotspot on my iPhone. Thumbs up to Verizon. Thumbs down to Comcast.

The internet connection was back up at 1 am this morning… and it lasted to about noon. We’ve had this dance with Comcast before. :(
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This is most certainly relevant and spot on. When the last major solar eclipse happened in North America we did not even really have cell phones mainstream let alone the internet and in your pocket with information flow via 140 characters no less!

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If you took the band Mother Mother and threw them down a long hill with all of their equipment and instruments this is surely the song that would get produced. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...
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I wanted to be there right when the museum opened - missed that by about an hour.

DID get the glasses. Boy, those were something. They seemed completely opaque until you looked up at the tiny, orange, dim sun. (The kids sold theirs to people even later than we were!)

Missed the lecture due to some miscommunication. Didn't see other exhibits, same reason.

But we did enjoy looking at the sun through the (shared) glasses, and the kids really loved making pinhole projectors on index cards. I'd expected they would - they wrote their names and all!

One thing that was not explained to me in the documentation, but in retrospect should've been obvious: The dimmer the light got, the closer the index cards had to be to make a clear image. At the beginning, having one on the ground and one in your hand was good enough. By the midpoint, when it was 70% covered and dark (and when we were done) they had to be right next to each other.

Several people, hearing me launch into another spiel on how "our eyes work the same way" and "the image is backwards and upside down - look, compare it! - but when it happens in our eyes our brains automatically flip it" asked if I was a teacher or a scientist! LOL. Only the former in a very *literal* sense, but this is something I've known since I was six or so. I had a book on the structure of the eye. (I didn't say that. I just said I homeschool and I made the kids listen to me talk to them about it.)

And then on the way back we talked about the Statue of Liberty and all. I heard a tour guide the other day say that the original model for the face was the sculptor's girlfriend, not his mother as in the finished version, but I don't know if that's correct. Still, "she looked too sexy" is obviously a story that's hard to give up!
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It was only around 75% totality in my area, but still pretty cool. I'm very glad the sky wasn't obscured by fog, which was sounding entirely possible yesterday morning.

Probably I should have gotten my act together to find a place to see the totality. Maybe in 2024, where the totality is further away but closer to people I might reasonably be able to visit.

Meanwhile, have some tree shadows from the courtyard in front of my office.
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We didn’t make it down to see totality, but my part of Michigan got about 80% eclipse coverage today, which was still pretty sweet. My son and I went to a library presentation this morning, where I was reminded about pinhole viewing, which led to this:

Pinhole Eclipse Projection

I’d ordered a solar filter for the 100-400mm lens on the camera. We also had some eclipse glasses from Amazon from a few weeks back.

I took a little over a hundred pictures, and was able to stitch some of the best into an animation.

Solar Eclipse Animation

Those black spots are sunspots. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!

I also stitched together a static time-lapse, and added back a bit of color the filter stripped out. (Click to enlarge this one for a much better view.)

Eclipse - Time Lapse

Didn’t get much else done today, but I’m okay with that. And maybe for the 2024, we’ll be able to make it down to see the total eclipse!

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.

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It's the weekly report on the state of triage in Firefox-related components. I apologize for missing last week’s report. I was travelling and did not have a chance to sit down and focus on this.


The components with the most untriaged bugs remain the JavaScript Engine and Build Config.

I discussed the JavaScript bugs with Naveed. What will happen is that the JavaScript bugs which have not been marked as a priority for Quantum Flow (the ‘\[qf:p[1:3]\]’ whiteboard tags) or existing work (the ‘\[js:p[1:3]\]’ whiteboard tags) will be moved to the backlog (P3) for review after the Firefox 57 release. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1392436.

**Rank**   **Component**                  **2017-08-07**   **This Week**
---------- ------------------------------ ---------------- ---------------
1          Core: JavaScript Engine        449              471
2          Core: Build Config             429              450
3          Firefox for Android: General   411              406
4          Firefox: General               242              246
5          Core: General                  234              235
6          Core: XPCOM                    176              178
7          Core: JavaScript: GC           —                168
8          Core: Networking               —                161
           All Components                 8,373            8,703

Please make sure you’ve made it clear what, if anything will happen with these bugs.

Not sure how to triage? Read https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugmasters/Process/Triage.

Next Release

**Version**                               56      56      56      56      57    57     57         
----------------------------------------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----- ------ -------
**Date**                                  7/10    7/17    7/24    7/31    8/7   8/14   8/14       
**Untriaged this Cycle**                  4,525   4,451   4,317   4,479   479   835    1,196      
**Unassigned Untriaged this Cycle**       3,742   3,682   3,517   3,674   356   634    968        
**Affected this Upcoming Release (56)**           111     126     139     125   123    119        
**Enhancements**                          102     107     91      103     3     5      11         
**Orphaned P1s**                          199     193     183     192     196   191    183        
**Stalled P1s**                           195     173     159     179     157   152    155        

What should we do with these bugs? Bulk close them? Make them into P3s? Bugs without decisions add noise to our system, cause despair in those trying to triage bugs, and leaves the community wondering if we listen to them.

Methods and Definitions

In this report I talk about bugs in Core, Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox for IOs, and Toolkit which are unresolved, not filed from treeherder using the intermittent-bug-filer account*, and have no pending needinfos.

By triaged, I mean a bug has been marked as P1 (work on now), P2 (work on next), P3 (backlog), or P5 (will not work on but will accept a patch).

A triage decision is not the same as a release decision (status and tracking flags.)


Age of Untriaged Bugs

The average age of a bug filed since June 1st of 2016 which has gone without triage.


Untriaged Bugs in Current Cycle

Bugs filed since the start of the Firefox 55 release cycle (March 6th, 2017) which do not have a triage decision.


Recommendation: review bugs you are responsible for (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=triage_owners.html) and make triage decision, or RESOLVE.

Untriaged Bugs in Current Cycle Affecting Next Release

Bugs marked status_firefox56 = affected and untriaged.


Enhancements in Release Cycle

Bugs filed in the release cycle which are enhancement requests, severity = enhancement, and untriaged.

​Recommendation: ​product managers should review and mark as P3, P5, or RESOLVE as WONTFIX.

High Priority Bugs without Owners

Bugs with a priority of P1, which do not have an assignee, have not been modified in the past two weeks, and do not have pending needinfos.


Recommendation: review priorities and assign bugs, re-prioritize to P2, P3, P5, or RESOLVE.

Stalled High Priority Bugs

There 159 bugs with a priority of P1, which have an assignee, but have not been modified in the past two weeks.


Recommendation: review assignments, determine if the priority should be changed to P2, P3, P5 or RESOLVE.

* New intermittents are filed as P5s, and we are still cleaning up bugs after this change, See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1381587, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1381960, and https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1383923

If you have questions or enhancements you want to see in this report, please reply to me here, on IRC, or Slack and thank you for reading.

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I'm not going to do it but I crave to someday write a training cruise/school/dance academy/conservatory/??? mashup disaster story.

Alas, I have this novel to work on. :p 2,000 words on Dragon Pearl today! (I'm doing revisions, but I had to rip out a few chapters that weren't working and replace them with all-new ones, always thrilling.)
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⌈ Secret Post #3883 ⌋

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